Beautify Garden with Topiary Work

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Garden with Topiary WorkCrops artwork called topiary, can beautify the exterior appearance of your home and garden. Topiary is the art of pruning plants alone and is one of the practices in the world of horticulture who also performed in palaces and important buildings world.

You can find a simple topiary in the garden of neighbor as animal shapes, but you can also find more elaborate topiary at the Chateau de Villandry, France, Levens Hall in England, and many other key locations.

One of the artists who started growing popular Topiary is David Edwards (70). Over the last 26 years, he has transformed into a bush “living statues”. The man from the Isle of Wight, England is making horses, cats, dinosaurs, and a rabbit in the garden. For him, taking care of plants unique shape is not as difficult as it seems. Edwards utilize plant Lonicera Nitida. These plants grow quickly, very tolerant and easy planting.

At that time, Edwards took four years to make a “horse”. He uses his home as a hedge in a horse body and head, while the horses front legs he planted separately. While waiting for his horse perfectly formed, he also made ​​a “rider” is not far from it.

Now, right at the gate of the house, Edwards has a “horse” and “rider” on each side. After making the horse and rider, this grandfather and then create unique shapes, such as geese, cats, and rabbits. Currently, he is making a large human face. Proudest works, is the Triceratops dinosaur manifold 3.6 meters tall. It took six years to complete the dinosaur.

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