remove rust on iron fence

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iron fence

iron fence

As the first part is seen from the outside, the fence is very strategic position in determining the performance of your dwelling. here’s how to remove rust on the fence

First step, get rid of rust on the fence. Iron is placed outside the home can be exposed to a variety of things, and vulnerable to damage by it.
Use a wire brush and scrub the rust area. Then, moisten a cloth with mineral spirits, paint thinner type odorless, and begin to remove the remaining rust. Replace lap when it was too dirty. If not, you eliminate rust work will be in vain.

clean up

The second step is to clean the fence. After removing the rust with mineral spirits, these substances can remain in some kind of metal paint.
Use a cloth that you soak in a bucket to clean the fence. Spray with a water hose, then dry overnight.

Third, begin the process of painting the fence. Use primer as a base. Work quickly coat all your fence.
Give at least one day to paint primer dries. After the primer dries, cover with metal paint. Wait until the paint dries, coat again with the second layer.

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