The Cold colors for Kids Rooms

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kids room

kids room

Generally, warm colors give a sense of warmth and leaning relaxation. This is very different from the cool colors.

Warm colors tend to be intense and to stimulate the viewer. While cool colors have a calming effect to be applied in your child’s room.

Although it has a soothing effect, the color is too dark it tends to “push” the beholder. You want your child’s room that seemed cool, calm, seem more spacious, and elegant can choose these colors.


The blue color is often associated with peace, depth of feeling, sensitivity, wisdom, confidence, and stability. Blue is a color that can slow the human nervous system and creates a calming effect. This color prepares the body for sleep, because he was able to soften the room and make people feel at ease in it.

However, the blue color is too dark can give the same effect with black, which is too much to absorb light and suck your energy.


Meanwhile, the green color is said unable to rally confidence, hope, and give you peace. During the green color is not too dark, this color can be refreshing color.

You also can combine colors “warm” like red and orange colors.


petunia can cause feelings of sadness and frustration. However, if you still want to choose the color purple, you’ll want to choose the color purple. This color can give you a sense of peace, romance, and nostalgia. Moreover, mauve shades fit into a child’s room a feminine choice.


The white color can also be a choice of your child’s room. This color is often equated with peace, confidence, happiness, cleanliness and purity. This color reflects 80 percent of light. The room with white light and feels more substantial than the room are painted with another color.

White paint in your child’s room is actually a good choice. Various colorful decorations can look beautiful in the room. Only, unfortunately the color is easy to get dirty.


Last is the earthy colors such as gray, brown, and beige. These colors are suitable for hyperactive children. These colors create the warm, cozy, and relaxing.

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