Tips on Decorating Your Home

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home interiorhome interiorIn Interior Design, many things must be considered to produce the maximum space and design. You certainly want to shadow your dream home a reality. Interior design according to the style and taste, accessories and furniture that you really get a comfortable atmosphere that makes you want to always be at home. Here are some tips that will help you decorate the room:


Sketch your floor plan and include important information, such as room dimensions, location and size of windows, electrical lines, electrical sockets and other positions. Bring your floor plan always when shopping. It will be a guide to facilitate and minimize mistakes.


Dig the concept and style that will be applied. This can be done by reading magazines, attended the exhibition, browse the Internet and visit the showroom. Write down any ideas and things that interest you (Interior Designer).

Define each room you want to wake up with writing and must detail, not just “minimalist room”, but the “white room with minimalist decor and paintings as the main accent”


Consider first the usefulness and function of a room before deciding on furniture and placement. For example: your bedroom also serves as a work space, then you have to prepare the space for tables, shelves and lighting.
In decorating, as much as possible to use matching elements, especially the decor trim color, wood elements, flooring, motifs, materials, or materials.


Take advantage of the light not only light, but also for dramatic effect. Use dimmers to adjust the intensity of light will help shape the atmosphere.


Find the best quality furniture your budget version. Know that quality construction materials and extend the life of your furniture. And this choice you will be more profitable, than having to replace the furniture on a regular basis.


Choose accessories that are reinforcing the color and theme of the room Note the scale and magnitude of the furniture to keep the balance between spaces. Do not stack furniture with large size only in a room.
Something that would be more interesting contrast. Place furniture or accessories with a contrasting color (but still in harmony) with basic colors to produce an attractive.

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