Your House Colors Affect Your Moods

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Why choosing the color of the room in the house s something that absolutely must be planned carefully? Because of the color of a room can affect the mood and mood. Color plays an important room in the home interior design. Because the color of the room will describe the character of the house. In addition, the selection of the proper color of the room can be a unifying whole room in the house. So before changing the color space and color in the whole house, you should understand the meaning and effect of each color.


How color can affect the mood of the room when someone is in the room? What are the meaning and effect of the color space for the mood or the mood of people who are in it? Here are some interesting explanations about the psychological effects of the color of the room’s mood. The intensity of each color can have strengths in different colors.




Red usually show the impression of having a full energy, active, passion and warmth. However, red with strong intensity could give the impression of anger or ambition.


Yellow illustrates good energy and spirit as well as the sun. It could also symbolize prosperity and opulence as well as gold.


Green is identical with nature. Therefore, the green color can give a harmonious atmosphere, calm, relaxed, and natural.


The blue color is identical to the blue sky and the blue sea. Therefore, describing the blue color of tranquility, a sense of peace, comfort, and protection.


White is a neutral color to match any color. White symbolizes cleanliness, neutral, and pure. If excessive, the white color will show the impression of a cold and sterile.


The gray color is used for a minimalist style house. This color can show a stable atmosphere, broad, reassuring. But be careful because too much use of gray color will make the atmosphere cool and excessively broad.

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